Meet Return To Hades

Meet Return to Hades: The peasant nerd hippie philosopher.

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti!

You may question my faith but I like to celebrate Samhain, Solstice and Eostre, not because I am a rebel but because I am a non conformist or perhaps a conformist of sorts because arent these what we were supposed to celebrate. I am not a pagan but I resent the depaganizing by Christianising Paganism. I am able to chant the Doxology, recite the Rede and name the Pantheon, but I hold no loyalties. I like to make my own God, but I am not an atheist. A confirmed Tatuist I am sorts of a new age theologist.

I have never figure out why some people are called colored, the last time I checked even white was a color, has anyone seen transparent people. Anyways, I do officiate minorities for KKK after all we should not discriminate but hate everybody equally. Jewish people buy German cars, Indians drink English Tea,don’t get me wrong I’m not ignorant or apathetic I just happen to have a sense of humor.

I ask seriously what is the deal with homosexuals and heterosexuals. The issue at hand is not homosexualiy but the blatant ignorance of the omnisexuals, pansexuals and trysexuals who are obviously have reached higher states of being. Hence the issue is not homo vs heteoro but homo vs homo that is us the homo sapiens against those who have not phased out of homo erectus.

You say the church was wrong and that the planets do not revolve around the earth. You both are wrong since the universe obviously revolves around me. You say the church was wrong and that it was not God but Gravity that makes us stay on earth, but uh duh God wanted us to stay on earth hence he made Gravity. You say that the church is wrong and that the universe was created and not evolved, uh duh evolution was the creation of God.

People fight for feminism, but I think the real need is for masculinism. I can wear jeans and operate machinery and still be hot while men cannot dare to wear skirts or mind babies without being considered nancies.

But then in a way men are nancies. See a gal and try and pick her up with some corny one liner. Where is the charm? Where is the wit? Where is the chivalry? But then you have to question the girls too who allow themselves to succumb to such tactlessness. Women don’t have much choice than to succumb to the whims of men do they now? Huh do they do they? Ever met a Tom? For no matter what no man can screw you like a woman can.

Lastly to make a clear statement, I did not fail for New Orleans nor am I a cigarette; I am simply one with the Force.

Some may call me weird, but those who know me know I’m simply Unique. Despite all the strangeness if you are a stranger who wants to know me Stranger than Strange can get!

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